Paris Symphonic Orchestra

Verdi requiem at church of the Madeleine

Paris Symphonic Orchestra will tonight perform Verdi requiem at church of the Madeleine.

Requiem Verdi affiche PSO
Choir, conductor Francis Bardot :
Ile de France young choir
Colonne Choir
Varenne Choir

Soloists :
Fabienne Conrad, Soprano
Carine Séchaye, Mezzo Soprano
Bruno Robba, Tenor
Pierre Bessières, Bass

Conductor: Cyril Diederich


This work, composed in memory of the writer Alessandro Manzoni was created in 1873.
It is said that this requiem is « an opera Mass » or « mystical opera. » In 1909, the writer Alfred Schnerich described it as a « Liturgical Monster » and Verdi, himself, said about requiem: « Mass for the Dead, there are so many! Adding one more is useless. » Yet he wrote this masterpiece, which with that of Mozart, is certainly one of the finest liturgical music creation.

Over 200 artists will be performers.